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What is the World Leadership Survey?

The World Leadership Survey is a biannual online survey conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership. The survey attempts to gain greater insight into global leadership trends and practices with a view to enhancing the development of leaders across the world. In essence, the survey attempts to capture employee experiences [...]

What is the World Leadership Survey?2015-09-23T09:42:38+10:00

Business and Blended Learning

The notion of business and blended learning led to the creation of a tool we called the Blended Learning BluePrint. Essentially, in my management role at Learning Solutions balancing issues of time, quality and cost in the E-learning space was a constant struggle. Ultimately the driving force for decisions was [...]

Business and Blended Learning2014-06-11T15:37:32+10:00

Inspiring Others: What really motivates people?

Book Review John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States of America, considered that inspiring others epitomised leadership. He said: ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ The key tenet of this book by Duke Coporate [...]

Inspiring Others: What really motivates people?2013-08-15T09:59:16+10:00

Always look on the bright side – The optimism bias

Although the phrase, 'always look on the bright side' conjures up images of Monty Python, Tali Sharot  suggests our brains are wired to do just that. In this TED Talk, Tali shares new research about how people are generally biased toward being optimistic. She explores how it's statistically not possible [...]

Always look on the bright side – The optimism bias2013-12-05T09:01:49+10:00

How do great leaders inspire action?

I didn’t review this talk so I could start with ‘Simon says’ .... however it seems the best place to start! Simon says he made a 'profound discovery' as to why some people can inspire others and why other people can’t. Simon unpacks his Golden Circle that comprises the core [...]

How do great leaders inspire action?2013-05-06T12:15:33+10:00

Inspiration and generations

I was reading a book by Australian author Avril Henry titled, “Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders today: Breaking down generational barriers at work” and thought I would share some key insights into the different generations’ views on inspiration and leading. Each generation considered inspiring leadership was tied to the concept of leading [...]

Inspiration and generations2013-02-02T09:06:53+10:00