The notion of business and blended learning led to the creation of a tool we called the Blended Learning BluePrint. Essentially, in my management role at Learning Solutions balancing issues of time, quality and cost in the E-learning space was a constant struggle. Ultimately the driving force for decisions was based on moving the business in the right direction … the strategic direction.

Quite often the thrill of creating new learning opportunities, playing with amazing apps and maximising learner engagement meant business needs were often overshadowed. It was like the Field of Dreams … Build it and they will come! Whether we like it or not, education is big business. At the end of the day, revenue and performance outcomes are far more important than sexy elearning.

It was refreshing to engage with participants at our recent National VET E-learning Strategy funded business forums. Some people were the CEOs of their own training organisations, some were Learning Managers and some E-learning specialists. The value of business and blended learning as a synergistic relationship was abundantly clear as we chatted and discussed.

One standout out feature was – ‘we want no cost solutions’. Unfortunately, there are never any ‘no cost’ solutions … there’s always a cost, even if only time and effort. So we put together a list of useful links as a resource for people and got an ‘expert’ to talk about little cost systems (i.e. Moodle), tools (i.e. Screencastomatic) and apps (i.e. Evernote). Links you might be interested in are listed for your exploration.

Useful Links

Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (Jane Hart’s site)  –

eLearning Coach –


How Stuff Works –

Towards maturity –

Tech ‘Cool’ tools

ScreencastOmatic ( screen capture and recorder) –

Pixlr Express (online image editor) –

ToonDo (comic and comic book creator) –


Remember that business and blended learning are not mutually exclusive!