InspHIGHER was established in 2007 and has built its foundation on inspiration and innovation, with learning the cornerstone of its products and services. We focus on providing you with bespoke personal and business development consultancy services in an agile and responsive manner.

InspHIGHER draws on our wealth of experience in the education and training industry to offer two unique areas of specialisation:

  • Design and development of educational experiences to strengthen learning outcomes and promote engagement.
  • Practical leadership strategies that enable new and emerging leaders to inspire others to reach their potential.

Glenn Searle is Director of InspHIGHER and a member of the Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP). A result of his exceptional talents in engaging an audience and inspiring learning outcomes, he is a sought after presenter and professional speaker.

Motivated by the love of learning and making a difference in peoples lives, Glenn has been in the education and training industry for over 25 years in teaching and educational leadership roles. His involvement with people of all ages evoked a love of learning and a keen interest in leading and working with others.

Sandra Lawrence is an Executive Consultant with InspHIGHER and has held leadership roles across the schools, higher education and VET sectors, often as the initial appointee to roles created to lead change. Her achievements have been recognised in professional awards and in invited representations such as the Australian Flexible Learning Framework Innovation Program Management Group, Learning in the Digital Age Advisory Group and the ElNet Executive.

Her leadership knowledge, approaches and practice are thoroughly contemporary, while being deeply anchored in qualifications and experience.

Our Research

Education and leadership have always fueled our desire to learn and discover. We have completed research on inspiring leadership, pedagogical practice and blended learning that has been published and presented a variety of forums.

Leading to inspire others
Blended Learning

Your Growth

Are you after a leadership development program with a difference? No routine formulas, no forced processes? Practical strategies based on your specific needs? We can help you flourish!

Leadership Performance Mentoring
Learning to lead others coaching program

Developing Others

If you need to develop the leadership skills of others, InspHIGHER offers a range of hands-on workshops for aspiring and emerging leaders. Our workshops are built on insights garnered from our leadership research.

Diagnose … Build … Succeed
Educational Leadership


The strategies you provided for transforming negative thoughts to optimistic thinking are pertinent to many of us given the rapid and continual rate of change and restructure in our sector.”


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