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Timing and Light … It’s leading the way!

Upon reflection, awesome is a word I use way too much. A recent visit to Arizona enabled me to truly experience awesome as a palpable phenomenon as the Grand Canyon swept before us. A few days earlier a trip to the Lowell Observatory exposed me to the awesomeness of human [...]

Timing and Light … It’s leading the way!2016-03-17T11:59:26+10:00

What is the World Leadership Survey?

The World Leadership Survey is a biannual online survey conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership. The survey attempts to gain greater insight into global leadership trends and practices with a view to enhancing the development of leaders across the world. In essence, the survey attempts to capture employee experiences [...]

What is the World Leadership Survey?2015-09-23T09:42:38+10:00

What enables inspiring leadership in education?

Discussions with presidents of various educational associations ultimately led to the question: What enables inspiring leadership in education? The question prompted deep discussion and resulted in a detailed exploration of the answer in partnership with the Australian Primary Principals Association. Upon reflection, it seemed illogical that such a question would [...]

What enables inspiring leadership in education?2019-09-04T13:11:36+10:00

Business and Blended Learning

The notion of business and blended learning led to the creation of a tool we called the Blended Learning BluePrint. Essentially, in my management role at Learning Solutions balancing issues of time, quality and cost in the E-learning space was a constant struggle. Ultimately the driving force for decisions was [...]

Business and Blended Learning2014-06-11T15:37:32+10:00

How are Inspiration and Passion connected?

If you read about inspirational leadership, you will know that passion, enthusiasm and motivation are often used in conjunction with, or instead of, the term inspiration. There is no doubt that passion has a role in leaders being able to inspire others, but are passion and inspiration the same thing? [...]

How are Inspiration and Passion connected?2019-09-09T12:27:08+10:00