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Timing and Light … It’s leading the way!

Upon reflection, awesome is a word I use way too much. A recent visit to Arizona enabled me to truly experience awesome as a palpable phenomenon as the Grand Canyon swept before us. A few days earlier a trip to the Lowell Observatory exposed me to the awesomeness of human [...]

Timing and Light … It’s leading the way!2016-03-17T11:59:26+10:00

Meg’s Story on ‘Tough Empathy’

There is a body of thought promoting the notion of 'carefrontation'. It has been described as the art of delivering constructive, compassionate feedback to people as a way to explore alternatives to ineffective behaviour. In my research on leading to inspire others, one inspiring leader used the term 'tough empathy' [...]

Meg’s Story on ‘Tough Empathy’2013-05-06T13:14:59+10:00