What is the World Leadership Survey?

///What is the World Leadership Survey?

The World Leadership Survey is a biannual online survey conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership. The survey attempts to gain greater insight into global leadership trends and practices with a view to enhancing the development of leaders across the world. In essence, the survey attempts to capture employee experiences of leadership to help leaders to manage issues such as employee turnover and organisational commitment.

What did the 2013-14 Report say?

The respondents to the survey in this instance were limited to the United States and Canada. On the upside, respondents indicated they were:

  • mostly committed to their organisations
  • satisfied with their jobs
  • supported by their organisation and by their direct supervisor.

On the downside, there were some common themes that appeared, for example people were:

  • feeling overloaded which in turn reduced their individual and organisational effectiveness
  • feeling that work disproportionately interfered with the rest of their life.

 What insights are there for leaders?

No outstanding surprises but there were a number of interesting points to ponder. Here is one highlight from the report you maybe familiar with:

People who enjoy their work also have high levels of intrinsic and identified motivation.

The important point here is that leaders must provide employees with interesting work. You might ask yourself, ‘work can’t always be interesting, so what do I do then?’ The report suggests that where work is not perceived as interesting, leaders must continue to provide organisational context for, and the value of, work tasks being performed. To do this, leaders need to:

  • help employees understand how tasks, no matter how banal, fit into the bigger picture
  • allow employees the autonomy to determine how and when tasks needs to be completed.

How do you find out more?

If you’re interested in the 2013-14 Report, go to: http://insights.ccl.org/articles/quickview-leadership-articles/world-leadership-survey-biannual-report-on-employee-commitment-and-engagement-2013-2014/

If you’re interested in the World Leadership Survey, go to: http://www.ccl.org/leadership/research/worldSurvey.aspx