I didn’t review this talk so I could start with ‘Simon says’ …. however it seems the best place to start! Simon says he made a ‘profound discovery’ as to why some people can inspire others and why other people can’t. Simon unpacks his Golden Circle that comprises the core questions of what, how and why? Simon explores these questions in greater detail throughout his presentation. He contends that most of us answer these questions from the outside [of the circle] in, starting with the what? Inspiring leaders answer these questions from the inside out. They start with why? Inspiring leaders start with their purpose, their belief and then they proceed to answer the questions of how and what? Simons says, “what you do is the proof of what you believe.”

He uses some great stories (eg. the Wright brothers) to highlight the difference between the why and the what to illustrate that there are leaders and there are those that lead. Simon believes, “those who lead, inspire”. We follow those who lead because we want to, we believe what they believe and we take up their purpose as our own. It’s well worth the 18mins online to watch this insightful TED talk.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action