Blended Learning BluePrint Forum

Posted on June 11th, 2014 in Elearning, Workshops


The Blended Learning BluePrint is focused on helping business managers and educational leaders identify decisions they need to make to commence or progress blended learning in their organisation. The BluePrint focuses on three key areas: Learning, Organisational and Technology influences, or the LOT! In a sense, the LOT is about the business of blended learning.

The BluePrint Forum helps you focus on the business of blended learning!

Target Audience

In partnership with GuideOnSide, the BluePrint Forum has been designed primarily for two key groups: Starters and Travellers. Starters are organisations keen to deliver blended learning to their clients and are at the beginning of their journey. Travellers are those organisations that are progressing along the blended learning journey and are looking to reflect on progress or consider new ideas to take their next steps.


At the end of the Forum, you will have a completed a BluePrint that is specific to your business or organisation. To achieve this, you will:

  • explore the BluePrint framework
  • identify key components of the BluePrint and their value to blended learning
  • unpack the LOT in the context of business strategy
  • access 1 on 1 mentoring.

Ideally, the BluePrint Forum is run as two half-day sessions at least one week apart. The sessions are interactive and hands-on (here’s a sample worksheet) and can be run by webinar. Participants access an hour of mentoring support between sessions to explore the BluePrint and their needs in greater detail.


I found it both encouraging and helpful. It helped me to articulate a couple of key questions more clearly and it reassured me that our process so far in venturing into e-learning land is reasonable.

Allie, Director, Private RTO.