The Industrial Technology and Design (ITD) Teacher Supply Strategy was a key component of workforce planning in education. The objective of the strategy was to improve the quality and quantity of ITD teachers in state schools.3 project outputsWith significant challenges and risks for the Department of Education and Training (DET), the strategy focussed on ITD curriculum, the related challenges facing ITD teaching in the classroom, teacher supply issues and the current state of ITD areas of specialisation in initial teacher education (ITE) programs. To support the strategy, InspHIGHER was engaged by DET to assist with the design and development of project outcomes, specifically:

  • analysis of the challenges and issues facing ITD teacher supply and quality
  • an ITD teacher capability framework
  • learning pathways for aspiring ITD teachers
  • a final report.

A suite of three documents were developed to guide stage two of the strategy moving forward:

  • Final report – This final report details a host of recommendations target both quality and quality of ITD teaching.
  • ITD Capability Framework – The goal of the framework is to establish the standard of performance to be achieved by a beginning or transitioning ITD teacher at the end of their formative teaching years, by comparing their performance against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) Proficient Career Stage.
  • Learning Pathways – This document attempts to address supply issues confronting the ITD teaching workforce in state schools and propose solutions to remedy existing and future issues.