The wealth of information obtained through research, reading and chatting with inspiring leaders has provided Glenn with the opportunity to share practical leadership insights with others through a range of articles in professional publications.

The Queensland PrincipalTQP

Queensland Association of Primary Principals Association magazine

The September edition was titled iInspire and published articles on inspiring educational leadership. As such Glenn’s article, Do I Inspire? explored the key tenets of his research findings. The aim was to provide educational leaders with practical concepts to reflect on their leadership and inspirational influence.  Key points included:

1. Finding the connection
2. Seeking out sparks
3. Shifting comfort zones
4. Building alignment.

SAPPAPrimary Focus

South Australian Primary Principals Association magazine

Glenn’s article was titled, Leadership Literacy: The Foundation for Success. The core question addressed was, ‘Can educational leaders who use language that paints a vision of a successful future, coupled with high expectations, inspire students, staff and the community to lift their performance?’ In the context of this question, four key strategies were unpacked and discussed. The strategies were:

1. Diagnosis
2. Speaking from the heart
3. Using efficacy-based language, and
4. Creating visions for others.

Principal Matters Magazine cover shotPrincipal Matters

Journal for Secondary School Leaders in Australia

The published article was titled, Times: are you changing them? The focus of the article was identifying and implementing change that mattered, as opposed to having change thrust upon us. It was designed to help leaders implement, maintain, or reflect on change at a local or personal level by discussing four helpful tips:

1. Avoiding high risk situations
2. Treating a lapse as a one off
3. Sharing the post-change future, and
4. Implementing coping strategies.

QASSP Magazine front coverThe Queensland Principal

Queensland Association of Primary Principals Association magazine

Reflect and Recharge: Critical R’s on the leader’s report card provided insight into the two R’s – reflect and recharge. The idea arose when Glenn attended a staff recognition breakfast where a Principal was reflecting on personal and team achievements when she said, ‘I think we as Principals don’t reflect and recharge often enough’. Glenn explores strategies that inspiring leaders use to help them manage the 2 R’s to ensure they have the energy, and desire, to inspire. The three practical strategies were:

1. Tapping into passion
2. Focusing on strengths, and
3. Not just thinking it, inking it!


Association of Queensland Nurse Leaders magazine

The article  drew out key tenets of Glenn’s  research for their membership. They published, Breathe easy … a new twist on leading to inspire! The article discussed how the ‘busyness’ of work and competing priorities often mean that leading to stay afloat had more prominence for leaders in dynamic and complex environments than leading to inspire others. Key messages included:

1. Make yourself available to listen to the needs of others
2. Build confidence in others by challenging their strengths
3. Sharing stories to connect with others

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