Alignment is the central driving and directional force behind human progression and business performance at work. Vision is a key component, however vision and values must have meaning to be understood and embraced by others.

This workshop focuses on ‘Diagnosis and Dialogue’ to help new and aspiring leaders co-create connected visions and values. Fostering dialogue builds meaning and shared understanding with others to create alignment. Alignment of people and outcomes builds success!

Our success = my success.

Often, new and aspiring leaders think that busy-ness equals success. Leadership is less about being a superhero and more about using your skills to diagnose personal and performance needs.

For Alignment to exist there must be there must be congruence across four key success factors:

  • Shared Expectations – Clear and high expectaions
  • Shared Learning – Professional Practice and learner performance
  • Shared Efficacy – Better ways and potential in others
  • Shared Lexicon – Embedded langauge and the horizon.

In this workshop, you will unpack these success factors and unearth strategies to help you build and foster alignment.