With the growing roll-out of videoconferencing across Queensland schools, it seemed a great opportunity to deliver practical subjects through the Virtual Schooling Service. As ex-teachers, we thought it made sense. Unfortunately most people said, “that’ll never work!”

A dance teacher shared the vision and agreed to attempt a pilot to Year 10 students in Townsville and Eidsvold with our guidance. Armed with this quote from Badenhorst and Axman:

Videoconferencing is well suited to the performing and visual arts because of the highly visual nature of the curriculum we recommend further research in this area

You can view a sample of primary school students learning how to dance via videoconferencing. This clip shows students in remote western Queensland dancing to ‘Surfin USA’ – somewhat ironic! Hopefully, you have a better idea of using videoconferencing for something other than the traditional ‘talking head’ approach.

It was an amazing journey with some amazing experiences and results. If you’re keen to find out more you can review the following documents: