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A Breath of Fresh Air

Author: Glenn Searle
Publication year: 2011

If you aspire to be a leader that inspires others, this book provides compelling answers to key questions such as:

  • what is inspiration?
  • what strategies can I use to cultivate inspiring moments?
  • how critical is connecting with others?

If you’re a charismatic leader that oozes personal charm, then a breath of fresh air is not for you! If you’re on a leadership journey and keen to unleash the potential in yourself and others, this book presents refreshing perspectives on leading to inspire others.

Paperback and electronic version are available.

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Inspiring Leaders: Practical Insights!

Author: Glenn Searle
Publication year: 2012

Although leaders are compelled to be inspiring, little attention has been paid to the processes by which it can be done. The missing piece is what leaders do to inspire others. The pieces of the puzzle are revealed through a series of interviews with inspiring leaders. They share:

  • ideas, insights and experiences
  • practical, informative strategies grounded in real life.

No theory. Inspiring Leaders: Practical Insights tells you what works … and what doesn’t!

Paperback and electronic version are available.

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