“Glenn’s presentation style ensures that the messages are delivered, embraced and retained. Utilising a mentor style rather than a lecturer style approach in a laid back interactive format worked extremely well within the group at NTI. Probably the best indicator of the value of the workshop is not what was said on the day but what is being accomplished. The change is already evident with the attendees much more active than I have seen in the past in their important role as leaders, actively implementing positive endeavours to improve their team.”

General Manager, NTI

“Glenn was promoted to me as a motivating, energetic speaker with familiarity of the education environment. Glenn delivered!

He provided a well-timed, humorous and engaging presentation that weaved all my required themes together. He made the audience think, interact and laugh. He struck just the right note in helping them relax as well as reflect on his content.”

Director, Strategon

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for being the motivational speaker at our Staff Development Day. Your enthusiasm for the theme and your interaction with staff was infectious, and undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of the day.”

Executive Director, DETA.

“Great content and well presented – very inspiring! It was beneficial for personal use and would positively affect corporate culture. ”

Workshop Participant

“That was great! You are very inspiring. It is great to work with someone like you – you make it easy for us and deliver wonderful presentations time after time. Thank-you and keep up the good work!”

Event Coordinator

“Great seminar – no need for improvement. It made me think from a different perspective.”

Keynote Participant

“Your plenary session provided a skillful blend of humour and thought provoking insight that was received well by the delegates. The strategies you provided for transforming negative thoughts to optimistic thinking are pertinent to many of us given the rapid and continual rate of change and restructure in our sector.”

AUSTAFE Conference Organising Committee