Traditionally, mentoring is a relationship where a more experienced person guides and supports the development of a less experienced person. Leadership Performance Mentoring (LPM) is anything but traditional. Instead of just one person, LPM taps into a variety of leadership experiences and proven strategies as a result of our research with inspiring leaders. Inspirational leadership is the most powerful source of competitive advantage in the 21st century and has a tremendous effect on people.

Leadership Performance Mentoring (LPM)The InspHIGHER© model (PDF 388KB), resulting from Glenn’s research, focuses on proven strategies to cultivate opportunities to inspire others. The InspHIGHER© model underpins the LPM and is aligned to your learning needs and leadership aspirations. InspHIGHER draws on on over 50 years of collective educational experience to identify your needs and apply adult learning principles to help you engage with, and embed, strategies and ideas into your everyday leadership practice.

The LPM follows an inter-connected 3 Phase developmental process – Diagnose, Implement, Reflect.

 3 Phase Mentoring Model

Diagnose: Identify needs, discuss aspirations and define outcomes
Implement: Develop personal strategies, map out the steps to implementation and consolidate through practice
Reflect:  Self-assessment, personal reflections and the feedback loop

LPM enables you to explore inspiring leadership strategies in a supportive and developmental environment. It will give you the confidence and competence to personalise and implement strategies that suit your style and your context.