elearning research

Innovation in education and training has always been a passion for InspHIGHER. Our people have been fortunate to have had opportunities to play with, deliver and support education and training using a vast array of information and communication technologies.

Here are few research papers and documents you might find interesting:

  1. Learning and Technology (PDF 461KB)

    The paper highlights the experiences and results of two projects that integrated information and communication technologies into the classroom. One project involved the delivery of LOTE between two rural primary schools using IP based video and data conferencing, the other explored the use of comic chat to help Year 5 students learn about Gold.

  2. Two Schools, One Class and German LOTE in Rural Queensland (PDF 37KB)

    This paper focuses on lessons learned from a project that involved a German ‘Languages Other Than English’ (LOTE) teacher teaching language to a face to face primary class whilst simultaneously teaching another class in a primary school 56 kilometres away.

    The article was published in Proceedings of the Seventh world conference on computers in education conference on Computers in education: Australian topics – Volume 8.

  3. Virtual Schooling – Dance (PDF 162KB)

    Success of the Virtual Schooling Service (VSS) model provided the confidence to push the boundaries and investigate the delivery of practically-based curriculum. The Dance project explored the integration of videoconferencing with current VSS technology to enhance learning opportunities for students in rural and remote areas.