Getting the Blend Right

Posted on February 10th, 2013 in Elearning, Workshops

Getting the blend right Workshop

There is a line in a song by Michael Franti that says, “the more I see, the less I know.” In a sense there is a parallel with the world of education and technology. Choosing the best direction for educational organisations and businesses when considering the move to elearning or off-campus delivery can be disconcerting. There are so many systems, applications and tools out there, it is often difficult to know where and how to start or which is the best direction. Alternatively, if your organisation has started in e-learning, you may not be getting what you anticipated from it or you may not know where to head next.

No need to stagnate or strain resources, get the answers you need!

InspHIGHER has teamed up with GuideonSide to develop an insightful and informative 1 day hands-on workshop to help businesses make sense of the eLearning world and ensure they obtain a return on expectations. There is online information and resources to support the workshop.

The workshop will explore the implementation of blended delivery from a holistic, business-led perspective. The focus will be to enable participants to commence the development of a roadmap and plans for their own organisations. Topics include:

  • Development of practical, pragmatic e-learning roadmaps to clarify and guide business, training and technology capability building
  • The engagement factor – what’s best for learners, trainers and the RTO
  • The implementation of online training: tools, tips and traps
    Investment options for going digital
  • Evaluation and measurement of returns: expectations, estimations and methodologies