Mentoring and Coaching




Are you after a leadership development program with a difference? No routine formulas, no forced processes? A program that assesses your needs and supports your leadership development? The mentoring program developed by Glenn is based on adult learning principles and his research on inspiring leadership. If you are a connected and inspiring leader, then read no further! If you aspire to be the best leader you can be and gain insights into strategies used by inspiring leaders, then the Leadership Performance Mentoring (LPM) program is for you! It’s a 1 on 1 program that provides you with practical strategies and hands-on reflective processes to achieve your leadership potential.

For further information, vist the Leadership Performance Mentoring page.



Glenn has completed an Intensive Coach Training program with Results Coaching Systems. The Intensive Coach Training Course enabled him to develop skills in each of the Coaching Core Competencies identified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Glenn has worked with a number of middle and senior managers across state and local government organisations.

For further information, review Coaching Services (PDF 84KB) or the Formal coaching sessions page.



If you are interested in arranging a 1 on 1 meeting to assess your needs and passions, or prioritise empowering goals, contact Glenn. At the end of the meeting you can choose if you wish to continue with a structured program.


Meetings can be face to face, phone contact or web conferencing.