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Phases of Change

Implementing Personal Change

From a practical perspective, implementing personal change can be liberating. The paradox is that effecting personal change can be difficult. Given the similarity between change and inspiration I thought it was useful to share an inspiring leader’s reflection on change and inspiration. Cliff, an Olympic Coach, said, “to generate change from within, people must answer positively to these two questions:‘Am […]


How do I Inspire Others? Here’s 6 Core Ingredients

Posted by on January 14, 2013 in Inspiring Insights | Comments Off on How do I Inspire Others? Here’s 6 Core Ingredients

As we know, contemporary leadership theory compels leaders to be inspiring. Inspiring leaders are said to get amazing performance from people. Unfortunately, behind all the rhetoric there is little support or clear strategies for leaders to be inspiring. Unless of course, we are born with charismatic powers and unique persuasive charm. If you were born with these great gifts, no […]

You can do it

Empowering leadership language

If you’re keen to explore strategies to inspire others, empowering leadership language is worthy of your attention. At a recent workshop I presented, participants were intrigued by the notion of efficacy-based language and how the visionary language they use plays a key role in inspiring others. So what is efficacy-based language? Firstly, a key factor is that most people are […]