Lead Smart … look for potential

Posted on September 16th, 2013 in Inspring others, Workshops


We could be forgiven for thinking that leaders need to be the spark, and that people are flammable material waiting to be ignited in to action. There are many leadership devotees that espouse this! Nothing could be further from the truth … to inspire someone we need to help others identify the ‘spark’ within themselves and discover ways to help it catch fire. Leaders must search for the spark in others … their true potential … so people can ignite it themselves. Great leaders shine a light on the spark that lives within others.

Key Messages

Most people are aware of their strengths, and the things they are successful at, both at a personal and collective level. A leader’s awareness of strengths in others and their contribution to true potential builds belief for successful performance in the future. The three reflection points you will take away are:

  • the power of strength-based leadership
  • tapping into peoples’ strengths
  • diagnosing for true potential.