Educational leadership … Relate to build success

Posted on June 27th, 2013 in Inspring others, Workshops

Leading to Inspire Graphic

The National Standards for Principals 2011 proposed that principals, as leading educational professionals in a school, inspire students, staff and members of the community to continuously enhance learning. Integral to inspiring others are vision and values, which are key tenets of Educational Leadership Frameworks across Australia. Meanwhile, the role of the principal has swelled to include a staggering array of professional tasks and competencies.

In this workshop, you will explore personal and relational leadership strategies to inspire others and facilitate action that delivers optimal results across your school community. You will build a portfolio of ideas and strategies to implement, using your own leadership style, with your staff and community stakeholders. Topics covered include:

  • Inspiration in an educational leadership context
  • Processes for co-creating shared vision
  • Building optimism and resilience
  • Tapping into people’s strengths
  • Using powerful language to connect with others
  • Creating an environment of high expectations