Connect … The language of leadership

Posted on September 16th, 2013 in Inspring others, Workshops


The language used by leaders is critical. Shared lexicon is a powerful indicator that the workforce and stakeholders are aligned to the vision and values of the organisation and that performance is lifting. Visionary and efficacy-based language enables you to develop into a high performing leader. In essence, speaking to others is a leadership performance where you need to project your true self.

Key Messages

Our thoughts, the way we act and how we interpret the situation will determine how we project and speak to others. Although presenting confidently and competently through the use of visionary and emotionally intelligent communication is vital, so too is sensing the right moment to engage and inspire others. You’ve heard the phrase timing is everything! The three key language skills you will take away are:

  • tapping into to sensory language
  • creating a high performance lexicon
  • diagnosing and sensing the moment.