Aim high … Create a climate of high expectations

Posted on September 16th, 2013 in Inspring others, Workshops


Creating a climate of high expectations is a strategy everyday leaders and managers can implement to energise themselves and inspire those around them. Heard of the Pygmalion effect? Researchers found dramatic performance improvements resulting from a culture of high expectations. Glenn’s research, on leading to inspire others, confirmed that leaders can positively influence performance and wellness in their work environment by aiming higher!

Key Messages

If you’re a charismatic leader that oozes personal charm, then this presentation may not suit you! If you’re an aspiring leader who is keen to unleash the potential in yourself and others, you will discover refreshing and practical ways to develop a climate of high expectations. The three key techniques you will take away are:

  • creating a ‘sense of purpose’
  • strategies for building belief in others
  • diagnosing the ‘right height’ to set expectations .