Jump online and take a look - Glenn Searle

As part of Glenn’s role as Manager of Learning Solutions, he had responsibility to attract commercial clients to generate revenue for the Institute. Business Development staff had difficulty grasping the design and development of learning resources. As a result, accountability for marketing and promotion, a key revenue generation strategy, rested with Glenn. Fortunately, he had a keen team who turned ideas into action. To promote Learning Solutions capability, strategies evolved over time. The main source of  Internet marketing resulted from my participation in National Speakers Association Australia development sessions and meetings. Early on, Glenn found some Government loopholes to establish a Learning Solutions website to promote and showcase their services.

From there, Glenn continued to push public service boundaries to establish:

  • an annual networking event we titled See Hear Connect
  • a regular newsletter to keep clients and prospects up to date and informed
  • a Twitter profile
  • ‘The Blend’ blog to use a Web 2.0 technology to promote information and interaction

You can view a range of images that illustrate the marketing strategies Glenn conceived. Click on images below.