Quite often, there is a strong focus on creating content for e-learning resources. When reviewing a third party e-learning resource, Glenn was amazed by the quality and media of the content. And then to the assessment … stunned! Multiple choice questions where the learner had to drag the choice to a box. Not the best assessment – in terms of quality and structure! Glenn started on a quest for sex-e-assessment … the call for ‘sexy’ product no longer aligned to outcomes based education and training.

Design Steps for 'Doing' E-learning

The quest for sex-e-assessment started with a 5 step approach to assessment-based e-learning. Glenn started to think how e-learning resources could be created by focusing on assessment rather than content.

The educational design was based on these steps:


Assessment > Scaffolding Activities > Underpinning Knowledge

An e-assessment concept was endorsed by the National VET Strategy and Glenn’s leadership enabled Learning Solutions to receive $50000 in funding to work up the Tourism and Hospitality concept for an NBN project.

If you need to create assessment based e-learning resource, contact InspHIGHER!

e-Assessment sampleThe Interactive Assessment (e-Assessment) sample 3