Research on Leading to Inspire Others


Published Research

As a postgraduate student at the University of Queensland, Glenn undertook a research thesis on inspiration and leading to inspire others. His thesis was rewritten as a journal article. The research was considered refreshing and insightful. As a result, it was published in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal 2011.

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Educational Leadership Research

Glenn partnered with the Australian Primary Principals Association to extend his initial research and investigate inspiring leadership in education. There is no doubt literature on leadership implores effective leaders to be inspirational. The paradox, however, is principals and other school leaders indicate that finding the time and the energy to inspire others in the frenetic pace of day-to-day school operations can be difficult.

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A Quick Overview

The research involved selecting and interviewing seven inspiring leaders. Inspiring leaders were selected by people, who knew the leaders and nominated them because they exhibited outstanding leadership characteristics. Through his research, Glenn determined the key characteristics of leading to inspire were:

  • vision
  • openness
  • transparency
  • passion
  • somewhat unconventional.

Participants came from various industries including community welfare, fitness, industrial relations, sport, and government.

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