Digital Learning Magazine

The growth of tablet devices and digital publishing seeded Glenn’s idea that Digital Learning Magazines would be a wonderful vehicle for interactive learning. Check this historical perspective in a TAFE Queensland corporate video.

Glenn led his team at TAFE to commence with a html5 version of the concept. The concept was shared with people at Apple, Adobe and Vocational Education and Training organisations. Before long it became clear that organisations were keen on apps installed on the mobile device rather than having to connect to the Internet to access learning. Glenn seized on the opportunity to develop a Digital Learning Magazine ‘proof of concept’ that was created as an app.

The beauty of tablet devices is that learners can capture and store evidence of their learning quickly and easily through a range of apps. Glenn has worked with RTOs and professional associations to develop a range of digital learning magazines.

InspirED (Leadership Journal):

Page from AUSTAFE Digital Leadership Journal

Pg 10 InspirED

ConnectED (Build Green Learning Magazine):
BuildGreen magazine inside page

BuildGreen magazine inside page


If you are keen to find out more about the Digital Learning Magazine concept please contact InspHIGHER.

Following evaluation of the proof of concept, Glenn did some tweaking of the idea to better suit assessment for learning. You can check out his thinking!