Glenn has been in the education and training industry for over 25 years in teaching and educational leadership roles. A key focus has been innovation in the use of technology for teaching and learning. Glenn played a pivotal role in the maturation of the Virtual Schooling Service in Education Queensland, including the delivery of Dance via videoconferencing.

He was the primary driver behind Open Learning Institute’s move from print-based learning resources to electronic delivery, including the implementation of systems such as learning management, content management and ePortfolio. In senior management role in TAFE Queensland he implemented and led a range of innovative e-learning initiatives for internal as well as state and national commercial clients. Examples include the Learning Magazine concept for mobile devices, an online Ethical Decision-making course for Public Sector agencies and an RPL communication strategy.

Glenn has a breadth and depth of experience and expertise in the areas of forecasting, planning, managing, and implementing elearning. He has teamed up with GuideOnSide to develop the Blended Learning BluePrint. The BluePrint is a management decision-making tool that assists organisations to implement and expand successful blended learning.

Specific expertise includes:

  • innovative practice in teaching and learning
  • design and delivery of effective strategies for capability building across the VET sector
  • leadership in the education and training sector
  • action research in teaching and learning using technology
  • strategic planning for, and evaluation of elearning
  • systemic implementation of elearning frameworks, processes and technology

Elearning Workshops

InspHIGHER offers a strategic workshops for Elearning and Blended Learning, please click the following links to find out more:

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