Blended Learning BluePrint

Trying to determine the best way to implement or embed blended learning? Keen to realise the business benefits for your organisation? The Blended Learning BluePrint is focused on helping business, and learning and development, managers make informed decisions about the business of blended learning.

Although business drivers are seen as the central success factor for embedded and sustainable blended learning, educational organisations often start with a focus on learning or systems. That’s okay … Sandra and Glenn started there too!

Blended Learning BluePrint Model

Blended Learning BluePrint Model

Our extensive experience with flexible, blended and e-learning over the past few decades has enabled us to develop the Blended Learning BluePrint. The BluePrint helps you to tackle the management decisions and critical business issues pivotal to the implementation and expansion of successful blended learning.

What’s the key?

The BluePrint focuses on three key areas: Learning, Organisational and Technology, or the LOT! It helps you make informed business decisions, which often get left out in the enthusiasm to design new programs and use new tools.

How is it different?

You consider information and capability in the context of your business and business strategy. The BluePrint provides concise checklists and guides for each aspect of the L.O.T so you don’t have to plough through piles of documents and links. It’s supported with our BluePrint Mentoring framework to ensure your specific context and needs are met. Click here for a sneak peek!

Who’s it designed for?

It’s mostly for managers, not teachers, designers, developers or IT staff – although they should be involved, of course.

What are people saying?

Having a sound business case and strategy ensures that there are clear business objectives that underpin decisions made and the direction chosen. The Blueprint is an invaluable tool in assisting RTOs in their venture and Glenn and Sandra have all the skills needed to help guide the way!

Mike, CEO, First Impressions Resources

The questions were pertinent without being too long winded and provided just the right amount of required discussion leading up to development and design of a project plan. Follow up mentoring an addition seldom given thought by professional development delivery, but a valuable requirement.

Leonie, Lead Vocational Teacher, TAFE Qld.