The primary themes of Glenn’s speaking are Leading to Inspire Others and Educating to Engage. Presentations are available in face to face or virtual environments. If you require something specific, InspHIGHER can tailor presentations, workshops or coaching to meet your needs.

1. Leading to Inspire Others

The Leading to Inspire Others theme is based on Glenn’s leadership research. Glenn has developed a number of engaging sessions that have been successfully delivered to clients. Each session provides new and aspiring leaders with practical strategies to connect with themselves and those around them to cultivate inspiring opportunities.

Sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. See how the Queensland Association of State School Principals Inc (QASSP) has tailored Glenn’s sessions for their Lift People-Lift Performance program.

Diagnose … Build an aligned vision

Alignment is the central driving and directional force behind human progression and business performance. Not only must vision and values be shared and understood, they must have meaning. Diagnosis is … Read more.

Aim high … Create a climate of high expectations

Creating a climate of high expectations is a strategy everyday leaders and managers can implement to energise themselves and inspire those around them. Heard of the Pygmalion effect? Researchers found dramatic performance improvements … Read more.

Connect … The language of leadership

The language used by leaders is critical. Shared lexicon is a powerful indicator that the workforce and community are aligned to the vision and values of the organisation and that performance is lifting. Visionary and efficacy-based language … Read more.

Lead Smart … Look for the strengths

We could be forgiven for thinking that leaders need to be the spark, and that people are flammable material waiting to be ignited in to action. There are many leadership devotees that espouse this! Nothing could be further from the truth … to inspire someone we need to help others identify … Read more.

Educational leadership … Relate to build success

Vision and values are key tenets of Educational Leadership Frameworks across Australia. You will build a portfolio personal and relational leadership strategies to inspire others and facilitate action that delivers optimal … Read more.


2. Educating to Engage

InspHIGHER focuses on a holistic approach to e-Learning and this echoed in Educating to Engage workshops and presentations. Sometimes e-Learning can be confusing or complex, depending where you are and where you’re trying to head. Glenn is developing a range of workshops that focus more on processes and systems thinking that is required to enable engaging teaching, assessment and collaboration in an e-Learning environment.

Blended Learning BluePrint

This workshop is focused on helping business managers and educational leaders identify decisions they need to make to commence or progress blended learning in their organisation. The BluePrint focuses on three key areas: Learning, Organisational and Technology influences, or the L.O.T!
Read more …

Getting the Blend Right….

Choosing the best direction for educational organisations and businesses when considering the move to elearning or off-campus delivery can be disconcerting. There are so many systems, applications and tools out there, it is often difficult to know where and how to start or which is the best direction. Read more …