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Fan the fire within

Are you a spark finder?

Are you a spark finder or the fire spark? My father used to say, “you can’t always believe what you read.” When it came to reading literature on inspiring leadership as a developing leader, I often believed what I read. One thing that stuck in my head when reading a prominent text on transformational leadership was, the leader was the […]


What is passion?

People often ask me, ‘What is passion?’ and ‘What’s its connection to inspiration?’ When discussing inspiration, terms such as passion, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation, arise consistently. Often these terms are used in conjunction with, or instead of, the term inspiration. Many blogs, articles and books identify passion as a strong feature of leading to inspire others … some confuse the two. […]


Staleness at Work

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A workshop I ran on Resilient Leadership required me to review the organisation’s staff satisfaction data and interview members of the Institute Leadership Team as preparation. Data revealed a clear message … people felt that there were heavy workloads, increased demands, lots of administrivia to be completed with reduced staff numbers and a frequency of knee jerk reactions to put […]


Pop Up Learning Presents …

Latte of Leadership Inspiring others means doing things differently and moving out of your comfort zone. The pop up learning experience provides you with the opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and connect with peers about leading to inspire others in the surrounds of a Brisbane company that inspires passion. Glenn Searle, premier author and speaker on leading […]

Inspiring Leadership in Education Word Cloud

Inspiring leadership in education … too

Discussions with principals across Australia about inspiring leadership in education have proven insightful and exhilarating. Although in the tedious stage of typing out the interviews, approximately 50000 words and counting … I think i’ll be a touch typist soon …, it has provided the opportunity to reflect on responses and common themes. Interestingly, most principals commenced their reflective journey with […]


Inspiring Others: What really motivates people?

Book Review John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States of America, considered that inspiring others epitomised leadership. He said: ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ The key tenet of this book by Duke Coporate Education is leading from the centre and presents key leadership […]

Tali Sharot

Always look on the bright side – The optimism bias

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Although the phrase, ‘always look on the bright side’ conjures up images of Monty Python, Tali Sharot  suggests our brains are wired to do just that. In this TED Talk, Tali shares new research about how people are generally biased toward being optimistic. She explores how it’s statistically not possible for all of us to be in the top 20%, […]


Inspiring leadership in education

It often amazes me how conversations about inspiring leadership in education get the synapses firing and the passion flowing. A recent conversation with Norm, President of the Australian Primary Principals Association did just that … and beyond … a research project was born! It all started with a statement from an inspiring leader in my initial research … we don’t […]

Innovation and reality collide

Enthusiasm of innovation meets reality of practice

When we received government funding to implement a Continuous Professional Learning project, were confronted with the enthusiasm of innovation meets reality of practice dilemma. Initially, lots of research, discussion and reflection enthused us because of the possibilities and opportunities that abounded. The project proposal distilled our enthusiasm into innovative concepts that received thumbs up from the review panel. Exciting times […]


Educational Leadership: Inspirational Quotes

I was going to type some reflections about educational leadership following conversations with amazing educational leaders. My words found it difficult to gel, so I created this video to share their inspirational quotes! These reflections from inspiring leaders come from interviews I have conducted to explore the phenomenon of inspiration in the context of leadership skills and development. It builds […]